Sue Thomson Casey Memorial Library Makeover

Let’s Get Stuck In together to create a vibrant and contemporary Library Space we can all be proud of!
Our aim is to transform the exterior of the library into a space that is vibrant & engaging to our local whanau, tamariki and visitors.

Project Overview

Our desire is to assist in creating a welcoming and engaging exterior and entrance to the Westport Library (Sue Thomson Memorial Library), featuring comfortable outdoor seating and a vibrant atmosphere incorporating local artwork, photography, planter boxes and enhanced signage.


We are motivated by the fact that we want to transform the exterior of the library into a building that is engaging to our local whanau, tamariki and visitors.


Project History:

This project emerged after we were approached by the BDC Library Manager Emma Sherie, who raised concerns surrounding the current status of the Westport Library building including:

  • Westport Library building exterior dilapidated with poor level of appearance and presentation
  • Poor quality signage
  • Lack of suitable seating for wifi users etc outside of library hours
  • Lack of BDC Maintenance budget to support enhancement and maintenance of the Westport Library with the exception of external painting.

Emma approached the Love Kawatiri Community Trust to support the enhancement of the outside of the Library building via the Community-led Revitalisation Fund.

Love Kawatiri agreed to support the project due to the fact that:

  • The Westport Library was a key community asset/hub that was enjoyed by both locals and visitors.
  • As a key community asset and area for social congregation, external building enhancements had the potential to create positive outcomes for our community including enhancing its vibrancy, appearance and user experience.

Our aim is to:

  • Increasing the use of the library by being a space that is welcoming and inviting. Showing that we are a community who values and supports learning.
  • Creating a space where community can congregate outside of library times to continue to use the libraries resources and be comfortable whilst doing so.
  • Increasing pride within community. By looking after our community buildings and keeping them fit for purpose.
  • Increasing community spirit – through the volunteer involvement of the makeover.
  • Displaying our distinct community character through the involvement of local artists and unique stories.

We will do this through:

  • Improving Signage and including bilingual translations – English / Te Reo Maori
  • Installing outdoor seating for wifi users and outdoor reading
  • Installing planter boxes incorporating plants into the outdoor design of the library space.
  • An enhanced  foyer area that provides a welcoming and engaging entrance for library visitors/users.
  • New Bike & Scooter stands(that are functional and attractive).
  • Incorporating artwork from local artists / photography of our community and alongside our unique stories & environment.

The project will be conducted as a Community Makeover and has been funded via the Buller District Council – Revitalisation Fund.

Timeframe: September 2019

Budget: $20,000

Project Leads & Contacts:

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