Chips N Jams

Chips N Jams is a monthly community event, bringing together local musicians, entertainers and stallholders to celebrate and enjoy Kawatiri !

We’re passionate about coming together, creating more events, socialising and enjoying local talent.

Project Overview

Chips N Jams is a monthly community event which is aimed at bringing the community together to celebrate local music, market stalls and activities for the whole family.


Through events like Chips N Jams we aim to enhance community cohesion, while building vibrancy for visitors and opportunities for individuals, community organisations and small businesses to generate income through market stalls.


The event provides an outlet to celebrate local music talent while showcasing local community arts / crafts and businesses.


Chips N Jams purpose is to provide a regular community event that brings us together to celebrate Kawatiri.


We are currently aiming to get Chips N Jams back up and running beginning Friday, 20th September 2019.


We need your help in making it happen and support in making it sustainable.


We’re currently looking for people interested in:

  • Coordinating music & entertainment
  • Coordinating market stalls
  • Sponsors – interested in donating monthly to help us in making this awesome event sustainable!

If you’re interested in helping to make Chips N Jams or making more community events happen, we’d love to hear from you.

Interested in selling your goods or promoting your cause? Why not book a stall at our next Chips N Jams event:

Book You’re Stall Here

Timeframe: Monthly

Budget: $300

Project Leads & Contacts:


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