Mindful movie night

Transcendence: Mindful Movie Night & Desert

Mindful movie night is a monthly event held at A Wild Peace Wellness Centre. The mindful movie nights are selected to challenge the way you view health of self, earth, others and ultimately question how you can live a better life.

In August they came together to watch the 3rd and 4th Episodes of Transcendence “Live life beyond the ordinary” & “Who’s goals are you chasing” .
TRANSCENDENCE is a new 5 part docu-series from the creators of FOOD MATTERS and HUNGRY FOR CHANGE. It explores the current state of our physical, emotional and mental health in a captivating new way.
It draws on research and interviews by some of the world’s most recognised celebrities, doctors and thought leaders including Libby Weaver, Wim Hof. Transcendence takes the viewer on a journey into the ‘self’ like no other docu-series before it.

It looks devilish but you can be guaranteed these deserts are also good for you.

Feel free to join the wonderful wāhine of A Wild Peace Centre and Kawatiri Yoga Collective for some nourishing and healthy desert at their next Mindful Movie night on Friday 30th August from 7:30pm at A Wild Peace.

Photo’s courtesy of Hannah Green

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