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We’re Hiring…

Do you want to play a pivotal role in shaping our community’s future?

Do you have the skills and enthusiasm to help our community unleash its potential and turn people’s passions into action, allowing the community to take the lead in defining its future?

Love Kawatiri (LK) is looking for a Community Development Manager to engage with our community and facilitate projects/initiatives that will help drive our future sustainability, wellbeing and prosperity.

LK is a Community Development Trust that was established in 2018 to provide a platform for community-led development in the Kawatiri/Westport area and support similar work across the wider Buller district.

We are looking for a real doer that understands and has experience in working with communities to help citizens achieve their goals. The right candidate will be able to work alongside people from all walks of life, and positively engage with those who support our aims. The trustee team look forward to supporting with someone who has the capability to lead and shape an organisation that is responsive to our communities’ needs, visions and aspirations.

The key elements of the role are:

  • Engaging with, connecting and activating our community
  • Developing strong partnerships with other groups and organisations to ensure maximum benefit for our collective effort
  • Building the capability and capacity of our community groups and their members
  • Managing projects being undertaken directly by Love Kawatiri
  • Promoting and celebrating the success stories in our community
  • Administering the trust, and managing its day to day activities

If this sounds like you then please review/download a copy of the full position description here:

Applications close 5pm, Friday 30th August.

For more information and to discuss this opportunity please contact:

Glenn Irving (Chairperson)

Ph: 027 246 0940  |  Email:


Dida Scanlon (Deputy-Chairperson)

Ph: 027 422 3050  |  Email:

1 thought on “We’re Hiring…”

  1. “Go on sir go on,
    the difficulties you meet,
    will resolve themselves,
    as you advance.
    Proceed and light will dawn.”

    “If you can do, or dream you can, do it now.
    For boldness has magic,
    genius and power.”

    I let go of the outcome
    as I speak my truth
    I’m going to say what I think
    As stupid as I am, biased as I am, ignorant as I am.
    I’m going to state what I think, as clearly as I can.

    Nothing brings a better world into being
    than the stated truth.,
    as one knows it.

    Free speech is the freedom to make mistakes so TRUE speech can develop through stumbling around with part ideas and being a fool manifesting biases.

    The free expression of all points of view is the messy way for a greater truth to emerge.

    My single mode of thought is not the whole. The whole is not contained in my single conception.
    All sides and not my one sided stand point.

    How to embrace a diversity of ideas?

    Through initiatives like this 🙂

    Yay thanks Pete

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