First Mobile Garden Bed Prototype Installed

We’ve just installed our first mobile garden bed prototype round at the Pensioner flats on Peel St. These are a collaboration between Love Kawatiri and Number 37 Community House with support from the Menzshed, while promoting others working to create edible landscapes in Kawatiri including Te Hā O Kawatiri and the Salvation Army. We’re hoping that this will be the first of many and are looking for donations to help us in building more for around our community.

If you’d like to see more of these around our community you can make a donation, become a sponsor or drop off 54l plastic containers, seeds or potting mix to either Love Kawatiri @ EPIC Westport or Number 37.

Huge thanks to Jo Howard for donating supplies, Gary Oldham @ the Menz Shed for constructing the garden bed and Kane Hogan sowing the tubs.

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