Community Celebration & Planning Party – Outcomes

Thanks to everyone that made it to our Annual Community Celebration & Planning Party this year. We were really happy with how the day went and feel that the information and projects generated have provided us with a clear direction for where we want to go in the following year and beyond. 

It was great to have a diverse list of attendees and representatives from a wide variety of local organisations/community organisations present. We look forward to working with you all in activating projects discussed and in making our community an even better place in the future!

Interested in finding out what we discussed and the key projects we’ll be seeking to develop as a result?

Our Heart: The word art above highlights The Future we wish to create for our future generations, it reflects the values and type of place we’d like to live in. The size of the word represents the frequency of which the word/theme was mentioned.

We’ve compiled an Overview of the day and an Outcomes Report which provide a summary of what was discussed and generated on the day. Key projects discussed from the day were:

Community Street Parties
Creating more Neighbourhood Street Parties that bolster social cohesion and community pride.

Edible Spaces:
To generate edible landscapes throughout our community that bolster food security, while generating healthy, connected communities.

Community Directory Platform:
To provide a platform for connecting our community with its assets and upcoming events.

Development & Coaching of Future Leaders:
To develop youth leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities, empowering their voice and participation in the development of our communities, while equipping them with the skills required to be 21st Century Citizens and the future of jobs.

We’re currently working on activating these projects including plans for an upcoming Community Conversation night surrounding creating Edible Spaces and seeking preliminary funding for developing the Community Directory.

If you find something that interests you or you would like to get involved with, please feel free to reach out to us or one of the project convenors listed in the overview/report.

Thanks once again to everyone that came and contributed, our panelists, the Denniston Dog for hosting us and all our sponsors that allowed us to enjoy a delicious free community lunch.

Kia Kaha Kawatiri !

It’s fantastic to live in a community with so many people passionate about making a difference!

A Snapshot: Our 2019 Community Celebration & Planning Party

A photo gallery capturing our 2019 Annual Community Celebration & Planning Party in action…

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