Annual Community Celebration & Planning Party 2019

Overview & Outcomes

Love Kawatiri hosted our Annual Community Celebration & Planning Party at the Denniston Dog on Saturday 31st August, 2019.

Around 25-30 passionate people from our community to celebrate and discuss the future of our community. We enjoyed a fantastic community lunch together and had the opportunity to make new connections/friendships.

We were really happy with how the day went and feel that the information and projects generated.

Below is an overview of what we discussed and our shared aspirations for the future:

As a community trust formed to empower and create community-led action in Westport and the wider Kawatiri/Buller district the day acts as our annual community meeting, The purpose of which is to:

  • Celebrate our community, it’s achievements and people
  • Engage our community in discovering our shared aspirations
  • Establish a vision for our community and ‘where we want to go’
  • Empower & Create community-led projects/initiatives, creating more of what we ‘love’.

This year 25-30 people from throughout our community came together to discuss their thoughts on our future. The day began with an introduction by our Chair Glenn Irving and a mihi whakatau, waiata and karakia thanks to Micaela Aldridge.

This was followed by a panel discussion surrounding ‘Empowering & Connecting Our Community to take a Lead in Developing it’s Future’, featuring 5 diverse panelists who shared their experiences and perspectives.

Following this, we worked on exploring our ‘Sharing Aspirations’ and what we would like to see our community look & feel like for future generations? Helping to establish the long-term aims for our community and the values that unite us.

We enjoyed a delicious community lunch, thanks to The Denniston Dog, Tai Poutini Polytechnic - Cookery Students and our sponsors while being entertained by singer/songwriter Kane Hogan.

After an enjoyable lunch we held a World Cafe session based on ‘Creating Action: Building Our Passions and Aspirations’. Incorporating 5 8-minute table discussions surrounding how we might create a more Connected, Revitalised, Prosperous, Sustainable, & Empowered Community.

We then took a moment to reflect on the things we wanted to work together on creating and utilised dot democracy to establish 4 key projects we wished to explore and develop further.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel that it has provided us with key insights/actions for the year ahead. We would like to thank everyone who attended, our sponsors, those that contributed to making this event possible.

Feel free to browse through to see the activities, outcomes and projects generated. Or download a copy of our Outcomes Report for a full synopsis of what was discussed.

Panel Discussion:

Empowering & Connecting Our Community to take a Lead in developing it’s Future

We began our Community Celebration & Planning Party by bringing together 5 diverse speakers and representatives from throughout our community.

We asked each speaker to give a brief 4-minute presentation surrounding “How might we overcome some of the challenges we face and work together in creating an inclusive, sustainable and prosperous future for our community?”. With each speaker sharing: Who they are? Their experiences? & How they think we can work together on creating our future?

The panel discussion was facilitated by Pete Howard and included:

  • Rachel Townrow - Community Services Manager, Buller District Council
  • Emma Sherie – Co-founder of Communitea / Buller District Library Manager, Buller District Council
  • Micaela Aldridge – St. John’s Youth Cadets, Buller High School Student
  • Mequa Houston – Community Engagement Leader,Tai Poutini Polytechnic
  • Brent Oldham – DWC Trustee

Following each speakers presentations, we had a short Q&A session with the audience.

Brent discussed how DWC were utilising The West Coast Community Trust as its primary distribution arm for supporting community initiatives. Rachel reflected on her experiences growing up in Westport, returning home and how engaged we were for such a small community. With a belief that Shared Goals = Motivated People and how we work best when working collectively, playing to our individual strengths. Emma shared how sharing her passions for baking, coffee and banter helped spark CommuniTea. How we need to work on building social capital, moving forward together and leaving our baggage at the door! Micaela shared the connections and activities she’d experienced thanks to ‘saying YES to opportunities’ and how “our voices are better when connected to people who care”. Mequa shared the new direction Tai Poutini Polytechnic were taking to become more connected with our community, focusing on developing partnerships and positive community outcomes rather than purely numbers and qualifications.

We discussed afterward in the Q&A on how we could work together more on creating our shared aspirations and how it wasn’t necessarily ‘size’ that mattered, that small numbers of people with shared passions could generate significant change!

Our Shared Aspirations:

What would you like to see our community look & feel like for future generations?

We wanted to start by looking at the community we wanted to create for our future generations, this helped establish some of the values that unite us and a picture of the world we want to create.

Shared Aspirations Ver 4 (9)

Our Heart: The word art above highlights The Future we wish to create for our future generations, it reflects the values and type of place we’d like to live in. The size of the word represents the frequency of which the word/theme was mentioned.

This highlights our desires:

  • To be a community that Celebrate’s it’s unique assets and strengths!
  • To be a Connected community that is Welcoming, Caring, Inclusive and Supportive
  • A Multi-cultural and Diverse community, attractive to our Young to stay/return
  • That we want to be a Positive, Safe, Clean & Active Community
  • To create more Fun, Music, Art, Culture and Community Events
  • To have a cohesive Vision and shared community Identity,
  • To be Creative with an ability to maximise Opportunities
  • To fulfil our Passions with meaningful Work/Jobs
  • Developing Beautiful Spaces while nurturing and enjoying our Environment.
  • A Community that Celebrates ‘who we are’, generating pride and a sense of belonging!

Creating Action: Building Our Passions and Aspirations

World Cafe: 8 minute table discussions - 5 themes

We were keen to try to understand ‘How’ we might create the future we wanted to see, we held five 8 minute table discussions based around the following themes:

  • Connected Community: How do we create a more connected community?
  • Revitalisation: How do we enhance our environment & What do we want to create?
  • Sustainability: How do we build our communities sustainability to ensure a prosperous future?
  • Prosperity: How do we generate wealth, training and employment opportunities?
  • Empowering: How do we mobilise our community & support action to create more of the things we love?

We have provided a brief summary below, while the full outcomes of these discussions can be found in our full Community Celebration & Planning Party 2019 - Outcomes Report here.


Connected Community:

How do we create a more connected community?

  • A welcoming, multi-cultural & inclusive community
  • Empowers grassroots action!
  • Connects our activities, spaces, resources, youth & elderly
  • Vibrant Community events that bring people together
  • Showcases our community groups and organisations - people aware of the activities, networks and services in their neighbourhood
  • Community Directory Platform - promoting community assets and events through various mediums
  • Celebrate & Share positive community news
  • Welcoming New Comers - Welcome Pack/Scheme for new residents
  • Knowledge sharing events
  • Time/Resource Bank - Enabling our community to share skills, passions and resources


How do we enhancing our environment & What do we want to create?

  • Celebrate and Enhance 'What We Already Have', being realistic and aware of potential future impacts
  • Revitalise Our Main Street - connecting to a common theme/identity, explore one-way/pedestrian friendly options
  • Utilise empty shop spaces - promote our community/environment via window displays
  • Connect town to Water/Riverfront
  • Limescooters / Community Carshare
  • Embrace Art & Culture - Create more free community events
  • Plant Eatible Landscapes & Fruit Trees throughout our town
  • Tauranga Bay - enhance spaces
  • Crossroads Makeover - An entrance to Kawatiri
  • A fair, safe and liveable community with good work/life balance opportunities


How do we build our communities sustainability to ensure a prosperous future?

  • Long-term planning surrounding community infrastructure and our aspirations
  • Enhanced local food security - eatable spaces, potable water etc.
  • Focus on quality of life rather than growth - sustainable resources, infrastructure and people
  • Develop diverse leadership and succession planning
  • Forward-thinking and embracing of ideas, be creative and entrepreneurial
  • Empower, Support & Attract Youth - a place where our young people feel pride, can be involved and have opportunities
  • Utilise, Connect & Involve our Elderly
  • Share skills & develop positive mentors
  • Conserve our energy, be realistic about our commitments
  • Be dynamic and adaptive to change
  • Embrace UN Sustainability Development Goals - focus and measure our community well-being


How do we generate wealth, training and employment opportunities?

  • Focus on our Unique Value Proposition - Our Unique Identity & Untamed Natural Wilderness
  • Buy Local - increase $ coming in, decrease $ going-out
  • Grow & Enhance locally made products and artisan producers
  • Entrepreneurial Community - nuturing & growing Ideas, New Business and Outside Investment
  • Share Knowledge & Skills - grow our communities capabilities
  • Develop Education that reflects local opportunities and passions.
  • Entrepreneurship & Skills for the 21st Century - Prepare youth with the creative, problem-solving and idea development/selling skills needed for their future.
  • Develop Apprenticeships & Mentoring
  • Foundation of Community Services supporting our communities needs.
  • Positive Culture and Sense of Community Identity/Pride
  • Generate Social and Environmental Well-being alongside Economic Growth
  • Promote & Create Quality of Work/Life Balance - Living wage community, 4-Day work week, Low stress living, etc.


How do we mobilise our community & support action to create more of the things we love?

  • Motivate & Utilise Our Passions - based on community needs and aspirations
  • Work with what’s strong – not wrong – playing to our strengths
  • Develop a strong & cohesive Vision - develop meaning behind where we want to go and who we want to be
  • Embrace & Celebrate peoples ideas, contributions, skills & passions
  • Provide opportunities for people to contribute – generate a sense of worth/value
  • Provide Direction & Leadership - people respond to having clear tasks and a sense of purpose
  • Start with Our Children - Activate, empower and build their sense of belonging and ability to contribute
  • Connect our Resources, Activities, Clubs and Organisations - creating awareness of our activities and working together on common aspirations
  • Utilise External Funders and Build Local Funding Resiliency and Resources
  • Support rather than Impede Organisations - remove restrictions and barriers
  • Ask for help!
  • Empower Yourself - Don’t wait to be told what to do – Just do it!

Project Team Development:

Your Ideas:

Attendees were asked to write down their ideas for projects that we could work together on creating in our community.

After everyone recorded their ideas on post-it notes, they were given 3 sticker dots each and asked to put them on the project ideas they would most like to see happen. Below is a synopsis of the project ideas shared and the votes each project received:

Project Ideas - Our Shared Priorities:

  • Community Street Parties – 8 dots – Project Contacts: Jessica Atkins / Pete Howard
  • Edible Spaces – Berry/Fruit etc. – 5 dots – Project Contacts: Kayne Hogan / Wayde Dunlop
  • Community Directory Platform – Connecting community events, services, resources, etc. – 4 dots – Pete Howard / Lisa Gregory
  • Development & Coaching of Future Leaders – 4 dots – Mequa Houston / Gillian Martin
  • Welcome Pack for New Residents – 4 dots (Connect with Cilla Raruve – New Coasters / Buller REAP)
  • Bike Park @ Gentle Annie – All ages & abilities – 4 dots

Project Ideas - Other Ideas:

  • See/Celebrate What is Here First – 2 dots
  • Beautify Westport – Mass Nikau tree Plantings – Make it Iconic – 2 dots
  • Meal Sharing – Pop up Restaurant inviting the community and various community organisations – 2 dots
  • Feeding old people & children in need – 2 dots (connect into the food bank, food security, Meals on Wheels, BHS Breakfast Club, Te Hā O Kawatiri, No.37, Salvation Army, etc.)
  • Sharing Bank / Stuff Share – Mowers, tools, etc. – 2 dots (incorporate into Community Directory?)
  • Timebank – 1 dot (incorporate into Community Directory?)
  • Petting Zoo – 1 dot – Nicole Davidson
  • Activities Open Day in Victoria Park – 1 dot
  • Larger Scale Street Photography – Documentary Project Old + Young Perspectives – 1 dot
  • Peace, Art, Integrated & Accepting Community, Connected to Environment, values-based not on money – 1 dot
  • More Free Local Events
  • Open days @ groups & clubs
  • Skills Show – Celebration
  • Love Kawatiri Community Pizza Oven
  • Things to do for young mum’s and young people
  • Enhance existing projects
  • Greenport – from Coal to Enviro Showcase
  • Storytelling – Engagement with older generation, youth, bring into Early childhood & schools

Project Team Development:

Key Projects

We ended up choosing to focus on the development of 4 key projects:

  • Community Street Parties/Events
  • Eatable Spaces
  • Community Directory Platform
  • Development & Coaching of Future Leaders

Each project group was given a copy of the Mission Model Canvas as a framework for thinking about the development of their project. Teams weren’t required to follow the canvas and no team was able to complete the development of a business model surrounding their idea, however it aimed to provide an outline of each project including.

The following project overviews should be considered as early-stage ideas, to be further developed by project groups and those interested.

The Mission Model Canvas
The Mission Model Canvas

Community Street Parties


To create more Neighbourhood Street Parties that bolster social cohesion and community pride.


The focus of the project group conversation was on developing a platform and resource pack that would allow neighbourhoods to host their own street parties. This would most likely involve working with Buller District Council, Sponsors and Community Organisations to develop a Neighbourhood Street Party Scheme based on successful initiatives from other councils including Chrsictchurch City Council, Selwyn District Council, etc.

This may involve Love Kawatiri directly organising a Community Street Party as a Catalyst event and the project group may work to increase and support other community events i.e. Chips N Jams, Whitebait Festival, etc.

Project Convenors/Key Contacts:

Jessica Paley-Atkins - Ph: 021 265 6190 or 03 782 1826  |  Email:

Pete Howard - Ph: 021 029 56 498  |  Email:


Eatable Spaces


To generate edible landscapes throughout our community that bolster food security, while generating healthy, connected communities.


The focus of the project group conversation was on developing edible landscapes throughout Kawatiri/Westport. The group discussed some of the activities that were already taking place surrounding this, how they might bolster activity in this area and the types of fruit trees/plants that might be suitable for planting locally.

Project Convenors/Key Contacts:

Kane Hogan - Ph: 022 562 8525  |  Email:

Wayde Dunlop - Ph: 027 479 2117  |  Email:

Socialize Community Connection Fellowship Group Concept

Community Directory Platform


To provide a platform for connecting our community with its assets and upcoming events.


The focus of the project group conversation was on developing an online community directory platform aimed at connecting community events and assets i.e. community groups, services, resources, businesses, etc. This could also aim to incorporate community news/stories, time/sharing bank, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Project Convenors/Key Contacts:

Pete Howard - Ph: 021 029 56 498  |  Email:

Lisa Gregory - Ph: 027 315 7021  |  Email:


Development & Coaching of Future Leaders


To develop youth leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities, empowering their voice and participation in the development of our communities, while equipping them with the skills required to be 21st Century Citizens and the future of jobs.


The focus of the project group conversation was on the development and coaching of our Future Leaders. This evolved around how we might empower and build youth capabilities to be involved as leaders in the future of our community while being equipped with the skills necessary for the future of jobs.

Project Convenors/Key Contacts:

Mequa Houston - Ph: 03 769 9405 or 027 237 5844  |  Email:

Gillian Martin - Ph: 021 0283 1996  |  Email:

Download Our Outcomes Report

Download a copy of our Outcomes Report for a full summary of our 2019 Annual Community Celebration & Planning Party and the ideas generated.

Our Celebration:

Photo Gallery: Capturing our Planning Party in Action...

Special Thanks To Our Supporters:

Love Kawatiri’s Annual Community Celebration & Planning Party was made possible thanks to the support of our community. We would like to thanks The Denniston Dog for hosting us on the day, Alex Hogg for sharing his cooking wisdom & time. Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) for the involvement of their Cookery Students, Westport New World, Produce Supplies, Rainbow Cake Kitchen, Totara Lettuces, & Utopia Wines for donating over $700 worth of ingredients towards our free Community Lunch and Bazil’s Hostel & Surf School for providing the TPP students with accommodation.

Lastly we would like to thank everyone who gave up a beautiful sunny Saturday to come and join us!

Kia Kaha Kawatiri !

Thanks for your support and involvement !

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