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Love Kawatiri: Trustee Nomination Form 2021

Love Kawatiri is currently looking for new trustees to join our Community Development Trust and to assist with shaping our future direction and actions.

We're looking for people that are passionate about making a difference in Westport/Kawatiri and the wider Buller district. We are seeking a diverse range of people from our community, with a broad range of skills and networks, but most importantly a can-do, caring attitude and a desire to make a difference in our communities future.

At present our major projects are:

  • Derby St. Park Makeover - installation of juvenile road safety park, with enhanced seating, shade, and play areas.
  • Edible Kawatiri - mobile garden beds
  • Kawatiri Community Directory - an online directory of clubs, organisations, and services in the Buller district
  • We are open to any new ideas and fresh energy for projects that make a difference in our community and would love to hear from you if you're interested in getting involved.

    The minimum time requirement for trustees is 3-5hrs per month, this involves our monthly meetings. Additional time is dependent on the desire and energy you have and is ideally based around projects you feel passionate about in our community.

    For more information please contact either:
    Wayde Dunlop: 027 479 2117
    Daniel Reynolds: 027 443 0209
    Pete Howard: 021 029 56 498
    or email:

    If interested, please fill in the form below, providing a brief overview of your background, skills, experience, and passion for Westport/Kawatiri.

    Help build Love Kawatiri and support our community in "Unleashing Our Potential, Turning Passion into Action"!

    Please take 10 minutes to fill out the nomination form below.

    Trustee Nomination Form:

    Help Build Our Future: Trustee Nomination Form - 2021

    • Personal Details:

    • Your Passions and Desires:

    • What are the things that you care about and what would you like to see more of?
    • What would you like to see in the future for the Kawatiri/Buller district? What does the community that our future generations will inherit look like?
    • What would you like to do? How would you like to be involved? What can you contribute?
    • Relevant Skills & Experience:

    • Please provide a brief overview of any community groups/organisations or community projects that you are or have been involved in.....
    • Please provide a brief oversight of any previous governance experience i.e. business management/governance, school board of trustees etc.
    • What networks do you possess that may be beneficial to the development of Love Kawatiri and our broader purpose of creating an engaged and empowered community that is capable of defining and creating its future? i.e. local organisations, community sectors, funders, national support organisations etc.
    • What skills would other people say that you possess? i.e. graphic design, project management, storytelling/writing, accounting etc.
    • How would others describe your personality? i.e. caring, compassionate, driven, organised etc.
    • Thank You

      Thanks for taking the time to fill out your nomination, we stoked to have people like you that are passionate about our community and our future.
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