Who We Are:

Love Kawatiri is a registered Charitable Trust, we formed in 2018 after members of our community came together, recognising the need for a vehicle that could support the development of community-led projects, initiatives and community enterprises in the communities of the Kawatiri/Buller district for our future sustainability, wellbeing and prosperity.

Our Purpose:

"Unleashing Our Potential, turning Passion into Action!"

Our Vision:

To unleash the strengths and potential in Kawatiri, enabling the community to take the lead in creating a positive future.

"For Ourselves & Our Future Generations"

Our Why?

We are united by our desire to create a community that supports our wellbeing, a place we can all enjoy, that our children can prosper and be proud in.

Our Reasons to Act?

“Decline for affected regions is not inevitable

- but it will be, without substantial change.”

- Shamubeel Eaqub, Growing Apart: Regional Prosperity in New Zealand, 2014

Westport and the communities of Buller are facing an uncertain future, with a range of challenges that will impact our future, including: 

Boom and bust cycles of our economy

Our Prosperity:

Buller has gone through the challenges of Boom & Bust cycles since the discovery of gold and coal here in the 1800's.

Our traditional industries of mining and dairy face challenging futures, for us to prosper we need economic diversification and sustainable employment.

Our future will depend on how we leverage the unique adantage of our "Untamed Natural Wilderness".

Carters Beach storm

Our Environment:

We live on the forefront of the coast and are experiencing first hand the impacts of climate change on our communities.

Rising sea levels, changes in climate and increasing natural disasters will mean on-going challenges on our communities resiliency, impacting where and how we live.

Our future generations will depend on how we choose to nurture our environment and plan for their future.


Our Well-being:

Our ageing population will have implications on the future wellbeing of our community.

Healthcare, Access to Services, Affordability of Rates & Infrastructure will continue to be issues we need to resolve.

As youth continue to explore our urban centres and wider world in search of employment and education.

We need to look at how we come together to look after the well-being of ourselves and our elderly population while making Kawatiri an attractive place for our younger generations.

Derilict Front Shop

Our Revitalisation:

We all want to enjoy and be proud of the community we live in.

How we look after our physical environment and present ourselves will determine our health and prosperity we are in the future.

We've made some impressive efforts over the past, pitching in together to build community assets we can be proud of.

Building a vibrant and attractive Kawatiri will be key to creating a place we can all be proud of and that attracts young and old to come play & enjoy.

Chips N Jams Youth Stall

Our Future:

The thing that unites us all is our desires for our children and future generations.

 We want Kawatiri to be a place that they can feel nurtured, to grow and prosper in. 

We're keen to empower our youth to be our leaders of tomorrow.

Their future will depend on the actions we take today.

Our Mission:

 Love Kawatiri is a vehicle for supporting the development of community-led projects, initiatives and community enterprises in the communities of Kawatiri/Westport and the wider Buller district. 

Empowered by our passions and strengths we seek to:


Engage, support and nurture people to turn their passions into action


Connect people, create networks and enable collaboration


Provide co-ordination of resources to support community initiatives


Communicate and celebrate our stories and successes


A positive future for us and our children after us

What we do:

Love Kawatiri was established as a vehicle that could help empower, grow and support the  future of Kawatiri.

After examining a range of successful community revitalisation and community-led development we focused on three pillars of change:

Love Kawatiri Model

Our Values:

We're guided by the following 5 core principles of Community-Led Development, whereby we work together to create and achieve locally-led visions and goals.

These 5 principles define who we are:


Shared local visions drive action and change


Utilising existing strengths and assets


Many people, groups, and sectors working together


Building diverse and collaborative local leadership


Working adaptively, our learning informs our planning and action

Kawatiri - Our Place:

Kawatiri is the Mãori name for Westport and the wider Buller district. It is our Tūrangawaewae, the place we call home!

Our name comes from the “deep and swift” Buller river which flows through the middle of the district from its beginnings in Lake Rotoiti through to the port of Kawatiri (Westport).

Love Kawatiri is currently focused on delivering projects and initiatives in Westport and it's surrounding communities, while supporting community-led development throughout the Buller district.

Love Kawatiri Community Trust

Love Kawatiri is navigated by the trustees of the Love Kawatiri Community Trust. A registered Charitable Trust (Registration No. CC56414), we are guided by our trust deed and the desires our our community.

We believe in a positive and thriving community that embraces change and enables all people to connect and contribute. A place where people’s ideas can be nurtured and brought to life, and we work together to create a safe, vibrant, healthy, cohesive, sustainable and prosperous Kawatiri / Buller District for ourselves our whānau and future generations.

Our Trustees:

Our initial trustees took helm of the ship in September 2018 following a series of formational steering group meetings that involved over 30 diverse community members. coming together regularly for 3 months to establish our purpose.

Our trustees work to help establish the structure and foundations of our waka and help guide us in our purpose of supporting and unleashing our communities potential.

If you've got an idea and are interested in supporting the development and future of our community then please feel free to reach out to one of us and Say Hi!

Our actions are driven by your aspirations, we are here to support you in unleashing our potential!

Wayde Dunlop


Pete Howard


Daniel Reynolds


Jessica Paley-Atkins


Jon Colyer


Our Supporters:

Love Kawatiri and our activities are supported by the following organisations:

New World C 3D Colour Westport

Give Love!

Want to give and make an impact in the future of Kawatiri?

Join our supporters in sharing your love in our community, help turn our passions into action.

Become a partner with Love Kawatiri in supporting our community to take a lead in unleashing it's potential!